BSci BioKinetics from Bethel 

ACTION & Alpha Certified

First Aid & Safety Certified

Specializes in: 

Weight Loss, Group Training,

Military Coaching, Muscle Building

Paul Haseltine

Personal Trainer and

Lifestyle Coach 

After returning home from the USMC in 2012,  Paul began his career in Kinetics through Bethel University while working part-time at Anytime Fitness for three + years.

Once he had gained 20 pounds of muscle and worked with a variety of training clients, Paul was eager to take his career to the next level.


Upon receiving his BSci degree, Paul transferred to Lifetime Fitness in 2016 where he continued his personal training career for two more years. From there, Paul advanced as a lead Group Training Coordinator where he is not only responsible for his own group fitness classes, he coordinates and assists with building other trainer's programs in the facility as well. 


Once again, Paul is ready to take another adventure with his career and he has transitioned to Trenti Training full time. He will be doing personal training, group fitness instructing, corporate wellness and nutrition coaching. He has A LOT of knowledge and experience. He is ready to give YOU 100%

BSci Kinesiology from Northwestern 
AMF PT & Pilates Certified
First Aid & Safety Certified
Specializes in: 
Weight Loss, Strength, 
Myofascial Release, Spiritual Counsel 

Courtney Haseltine

Personal Trainer and

Lifestyle Coach 

Growing up playing competitive sports, Courtney thought athletic training would be the next step in her career. However, a personal training internship divinely intercepted her plans in 2008. From that moment, Courtney fell in love with personal training. After completing her five-year degree in Kinetics in 2011, Courtney officially started training at Anytime Fitness upon receiving an offer in her internship as a trainer and nutrition coach. 


After three years in the Anytime Fitness community, Courtney decided to take a leap of faith and open a private gym and in-home training facility called Trenti Training in 2013. Courtney's passion to combine faith with fitness has created a next level training program that will not only change someone's physique, it will fuel a lasting lifestyle transformation that is real and sustainable.


Courtney does not provide "quick fixes," "diets," or "weight loss plans." Courtney is all about educating, applying and encouraging each client to better understand the fear, the wonder and the mystery of the human body and how it connects to healthy movement and proper nourishment. Courtney teaches that your body is always trying to communicate to you. It's time to start listening. 


BSci BioKenetics from Bethel

AMF PT & Eat2Perform Certified

First Aid & Safety Certified

Specializes in:

Crossfit, Strength,

Recovery, Nutrition 

Jesse Hill

Personal Trainer and

Lifestyle Coach 

Inspired by the “older kids” in high school, Jesse started exploring the weight room over a decade ago. Jesse recalls the first time entering a gym was intimidating

and overwhelming. Thankfully, Jesse met some amazing people to show him the ropes of the fitness world. It fueled his fire to turn his new hobby into a training practice of his own.


After gaining some confidence and creating a wellness culture at the gym, Jesse decided to pursue a Biokinetics degree in 2012. He thought, “ Now that I am an “older kid” I can start helping other people the same way that my friends and mentors helped me."


Once Jesse graduated with his Degree in 2016, he couldn’t wait to start teaching! Shortly after, Jesse began his personal training career at Trenti Training while continuing to pursue various certifications to enhance his lifestyle coaching. Jesse always says, “The body is an amazing machine. It’s incredible how wonderful someone can feel and look when the body is fueled properly and trained correctly. I am excited to spread the word!”


 “It’s important to be thoughtful and take your time with building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.” Jesse says. The one size fit's all approach does not exist in Jesse's world. He adapts to each new client. Jesse is ready to meet you wherever you are at in your journey. Come as you are! 


AAS Degree in Massage Therapy

Aspiring Doctorate in Chiropractics

B.S. Student of Human Biology 

In progress for Certified Yoga Instructor

First Aid & Safety Certified

Specializes in:

Massage Therapy, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reflexology, Yoga 

Lauren Donohue

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lauren founded Living Tree Wellness in 2019 when she began graduate school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. She has been a certified professional massage therapist since August 2015. Lauren has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy from Northwestern Health Sciences University. While studying Chiropractic at NWHSU, Lauren is attending weekend courses at Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness in Minneapolis to improve her understanding of movement, yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. 

Lauren plans to finish her bachelor’s degree in human biology and doctorate degree in Chiropractic at NWHSU. Once Lauren graduates, she plans to continue education in acupuncture techniques, advanced prenatal/postnatal education, infant and pediatric adjusting techniques, exercise, yoga, and nutrition.

Lauren is extensively trained in anatomy, physiology, trigger point therapy, rehabilitative clinical techniques, deep tissue massage, Swedish-style relaxation massage, sports massage, reflexology, hydrotherapy, hot stone massage, and prenatal massage. Lauren enjoys utilizing hot towels, hot stones, and essential oils to help promote deep relaxation. These techniques also relieve tension in the musculoskeletal system and promote a deeper mind-body connection. 


Lauren enjoys the role massage has in improving the wellness of children and adults. Massage is a key factor in managing and alleviating pain, improving chronic conditions, or simply providing a space for relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation.

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