Travel with Trenti

Warm greetings from the sunny Bahamas! Since we are on the move and out of the states, I figure it would be a perfect opportunity to blog about how Paul and I operate while we travel. Sticking to your goals and traveling can be tricky. Simply because you’re throw out of your routine with change in time zone, flights can be early or late or maybe you’re going someplace you’ve never been before. You’re not sure what each day will look like! There are always unknown elements that may throw a wrench into the wellness system. However, there are PLENTY of things you can do to stay on track while you travel.

Travel with Trenti and explore some of the ways Paul and I keep working out, nutrition and spirituality our top priority!

First, let’s talk about our non-negotiable mindset while we travel. No matter where Paul and I decide to go, we center our resort, hotel, condo etc. on two main things:

What is the food situation? Aka: Do they have healthy options at the resort or close by?

What is the layout of the gym like? (Or lack there of) This helps us plan ahead!

The first thing I look for when I am picking a place to stay is the pictures of the gym. Does that surprise you?! ;) If we end up staying at a place that doesn’t have a gym (because sometimes where we stay is out of our control) then I know to pack some lightweight equipment. My two favorite travel companions are booty bands and a resistance band. BB’s and RB’s are easy to pack, they target upper and lower body and you can get a fantastic full-body workout with these two options.

Last year for our spring break trip to SPI Texas, Paul and I had a different set up than this vacation. We had a condo! We specifically picked a place that had a full kitchen so we could cook the majority of our meals AND we also picked a condo within walking distance to a grocery store. (We didn’t have a rent-a-car) It was awesome!

We basically had our usual portioned and prepped meals almost every single day. I’m telling you guys, if you are not being mindful and thinking ahead, you’re setting yourself up for failure. I have at least a few people every year say to me, “Well there was no gym where we stayed, so I couldn’t do anything.” Or “We ate out every night. It wasn’t my choice! There is nothing I could do!” WRONG! You can always do some kind of workout, anywhere at anytime ** IF ** you plan ahead. The same goes for your nutrition! THINK AHEAD and consider your obstacles. Excuses will never get you the results you want. It’s your choice.

Second of all, it’s crucial to plan your workouts and your cheat meal(s). This goes back to being mindful and present with the initial goals you set. You need to map out you week! I am not saying you have to be regimented, or make this into some tedious draw out plan. All I am saying is it’s going to greatly benefit your health if you write out your workout schedule or verbally make an agreement with another travel companion WHEN you plan to workout and what day you plan to have your cheat meals. I promise; this will change the game of your trip.

For example, the first day we flew into the Bahamas, Paul and I chatted and said, “Let’s go down to the gym and do something light.” Since we were flying half the day, our eating and sleeping was off, so it’s actually NOT good to get in a really hard workout. It’s ALSO not good to not do anything at all! Light cardio and core was the perfect workout at that time. We planned ahead and stuck to our agreement.

The next day we were well rested and well fed. Paul and I chatted again and said, “Let’s make this day our strength training day and KILL our workout!” And that’s what we did. It felt AMAZING to be in the gym for an hour and 20 minutes. I cannot tell you the last time I had the freedom to workout that long. It was one of many BLESSINGS.

The following day we were gone ALL day hanging out with the piggy’s on a private island. ** Side note: If you ever go to the Bahamas, I HIGHLY recommend booking this adventure ** We knew we couldn’t workout that day, SO guess what that means?!! Yup, we planned ahead!

Paul and I talked before hand and made an agreement to get a workout in the day before AND the day after. NO excuses. You see?! We are being intentional AND holding each other accountable. We’re not mindlessly going from day-to-day and when we randomly have some downtime say, “Hmm…maybe I should workout now...” I tell you what: That doesn’t work AND it’s likely it won’t happen. You need to map-it-out my friend! The buddy system is even better if you can travel with someone who has the same lifestyle as you.

Third and very important: You need to make a choice and stick to it! Now, I know this may be hard for some of you reading this and that’s ok! All I am saying is this works well for Paul and I, and we have always come home with NO extra weight gain. Our goal is pretty simple when we travel: Maintain our weight. That’s a huge accomplishment in itself with all the added temptations and routine changes on vacation. Here are the three options I give myself when I travel (big trip or small trip) and I stick to ONE thing:

Do I want to have alcohol this trip? (Beer, wine, liquor)

Do I want to have sweets this trip? (Cakes, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, donuts etc.)

Do I want to have simple carbs this trip? (Bread, pasta, bad chips, pizza, bagels etc.)

For Paul and I, it’s typically alcohol. THAT MEANS everything else in our diet stays the same. Our breakfast is healthy and the exact same as what we have at home. Our lunch is full of leafy greens, complex carbs and lean meat and our dinner is lots of veggies, a complex carb and another lean meat option. NO pasta, no chocolate, no rolls, no cakes and NO dipping into another category, unless it’s our one cheat meal we give ourselves during week. I picked alcohol and that’s I stuck to! People get into trouble when they travel because they want to have it ALL. I mean, go for it, but don’t complain to us if you gain weight. We’ve here to HELP you create boundaries YET still be able to enjoy your food and treat yourself without overdoing it.

Now, let me be very clear: This doesn’t mean we binge drink and/or get drunk or lose boundaries with this category choice. Getting white girl wasted doesn’t fall in line with my lifestyle. (I can speak for Paul as well) Not only that, excessive drinking is terrible for your metabolism. A former client of Paul’s once expressed, “I’m struggling with losing weight, but I don’t want to give up my weekend drinking.” Paul sternly replied, “GOOD LUCK! It’s not going to happen if you don’t excessively limit your alcohol. You need to make a choice.” I love listening to Paul coach his clients because he doesn’t beat around the bush. He always speaks truth and he get’s his people SERIOUS results.

Paul and I like to have a few beers or glasses or a glass wine with dinner, or maybe a few cocktails on the beach. That’s about it. I actually use to drink A LOT and my body composition revealed that. Once I created healthy boundaries with alcohol, my metabolism immediately responded and I started dropping weight like it was cool. Don’t get me wrong: Limiting alcohol is really hard. For me, it’s a social thing! I have FOMO! I don’t want to be left out of anything fun. HAHA! I’m sure many of you can relate, but at the end of the day my health always takes priority over a short-lived liquor rush.

Finally, listen to your body and honor what it’s trying to tell you. I’ve been posting some fun pics on my IG account where I’m all dressed up. Oh gosh! It’s been so much fun to slap on some lip stick, a colorful dress and some bangin’ high heels and hit the town feeling OH so FAB-ulous. I’m always in Nikes, so if I can actually take a moment to be feminine, you better believe I am documenting that crap! It’s important to take pictures of yourself when you’re feeling confident or pretty. Confidence (in my opinion) is one of the sexiest qualities in a man or woman.

However, what you guys didn’t see on my IG account is that my face flared up on the second day of our trip. Every vacation has some not so great parts and I want to make sure I am transparent when documenting our travels. I am a real person, with real struggles and real insecurities. Don’t let someone’s IG account fool you! People only show you what they want you to see, but I’m here to tell you: Day two was BAD! My skin is incredibly sensitive and the extreme cold to the extreme heat made my face really MAD! I broke out in almost sore-like acne on my cheeks and chin. I was SO sad and definitely insecure about being seen in public. I had to stay inside the majority of our second day in the Bahamas to let me skin CHILL out and find balance again.

I use to get really upset when I would breakout, but now I am thankful. Let me repeat that: I AM THANKFUL and I VERBALLY give thanks that my body for telling me something is wrong. My body is communicating that something is off with my health. I LOVE my body for that! My body is always trying to keep me well, alive and healthy. And guess what: SO IS YOURS. With the 80-degree temperature swing, lack of sleep and weird airport food, my skin was yelling at me: “Woman!!! Stop the madness. Get me back in homeostasis!!!” It is my job to listen and honor what my skin was telling me. (Even though it was a tough call to stay in doors all day)

The old Courtney would have internalized, not communicated to Paul and would have tried to slop on some cover up and go in the sun anyways. Because: FOMO! This is NOT honoring my body and it would have only made the situation worse. I had to make a sacrifice and stay indoors. The new Courtney tries (let me emphasize tries) to communicate when I am feeling insecure. Because I communicated to Paul, he saved the day!! Paul went on a mission around the resort and found rosacea cream that one of the front desk workers happen to have. (OH Thank you Lord) That stuff was pure magic! I was back out in the sun on Saturday and ready to play with the piggies! My husband even said, “I am so grateful that you started actually talking openly to me about this. If you didn’t tell me what was going on in your head, I would have never known what you were feeling. I always think you look beautiful.” I responded, “Daawww… that means a lot, but it doesn’t change how I feel. (Grumpy face) I look like someone punched me in the cheeks.” LOL! Oh man! I have issues, but I think it’s important that I share this part of our trip.

When you’re not feeling well or your skin breaks out or you’re feeling bloated, or whatever it may be, ask your body: “What are you trying to tell me?” GIVE thanks to your body and HONOR what it is saying EVEN when it’s not easy to follow through with what it’s telling you.


Work with your body, not against it. In closing, the Bahamas trip was phenomenal. Everything about it! Even the day I had to stay inside. I am well aware that many people don’t have the opportunity to travel and explore. It’s something I never want to take for granted and always give thanks to God for allowing my husband and I to relax, reset and recharge our battery so we can come back GEARED up for our fantastic clients. I hope this blog will help you plan ahead for your future travels. Keep watch for our Travel with Trenti workout program that will be launching in the summer!

Thank you for reading and God bless,