Are You Making a Quality Health Investment by Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Wondering if You’re Making a Quality Health Investment by Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Let’s chat about your ROI….

Many of us spend our time, energy and finances on things that take priority in life. (Family, job, faith, health etc.) This year, we want to encourage you to make health your top priority. You know what they say: “ The best caretakers are the ones that take care of themselves first!”

In the process of making health a higher priority, we want to assure you that there are more benefits to hiring a personal trainer than meets the eye.

We want YOU to get your money's worth! We will provide education, coaching and results that will last you a lifetime. Hence the term “life-style” change. So, what is your ROI? (Return on Investment)

Here's our "short" list:

Weekly Accountability

Measured Intensity

Customized Routines

Efficient and Effective Training

Workout Variety

Recovery Instruction and Technique

Anatomy Lessons

Implementation of Proper Form

Losing Fat

Gaining Muscle

Weight Loss

Physiology Comprehension

Mind-Body Awareness

Boosting the immune system

Meeting Goals

Creating Realistic Expectations

Seeing Results

Posture Awareness and Correction

CNS Adaptation

Improvement in Functionality

Managing and Bettering Mental Health

Getting off and/or Reduction in Medications

Incorporating Healthy Homeostatic Change

Lowering Cholesterol

Bettering Flexibility, Mobility and R.O.M

Preventing Injury

Stabilizing Joints

Managing, Reversing and Preventing Disease

Becoming Stronger

Getting Leaner

Discovering the TRUTH with CHANGE; not cultural methods that fail

Learning Techniques for Hormone Change

Improving Cardiovascular Threshold

Nutrition Education and Implementation

Nourishment and Tracking Responsibility

Learning about Herbs and Supplements

Along with Vitamins and Minerals for Your Body Type

Understanding the Psychology of Training

Also the Psychology of Nutrition

Better Sleep

More Energy

Increased Water Intake

Better Mental Clarity

Less Sick Days

Enhancing Productivity at Work

Less Brain Fog

Breaking Bad Habits

Creating Positive Lifestyle Changes

Learning Myofasical Release, Sling and CAR's

Managing or Reversing Diabetes

Being Held to a Higher Standard

Meet New Like-Mined People

Social and Relational Wellbeing

Soul Perspective and Spiritual Coaching

Professional Wellness Feedback

Pain Management

Removing Toxicity

Learning to Create a Quality Training Routine

Lowering Blood Pressure

Improving Circulation

Reducing Inflammation

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Overcoming "Excuses"



Honing Sports Skills

Bettering Your Game

Channeling Deep Breathing for Healing

Improve Self-Esteem and Body Image

Confidence with Using Machines at the Gym

Improving Gut Health

Aging More Gracefully

Acquiring Skills to Break Through Plateaus

Mindfulness and Application of Body Communication

Developing Discipline over Motivation

Advocating for Your Best Interest

Cultivating Full Body Change

Channeling FAITH over fear

Believing in yourself

And improvement with YOUR Overall Quality of Life

Soul – Mind – Then Body

Meet with Trenti Training TODAY and we will take you on the long, hard road to CHANGE. It will definitely be tough, but it will 100% be WORTH IT.