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October 23, 2018

Ah yes, it’s that time of year where everyone and their mama
bear are getting sick. As I often hear, “Tis the season for
cold/flu!” However, getting sick is actually not a seasonal thing
at all. You can get sick ANY time of the year. The truth is the
cold/flu is the result of an inability to adapt to change in
light, limited water, increase carbs/sugar, stress and/or
lack of sleep.
YOU get the cold/flu because your body is
thrown out of homeostasis in some way, shape or form. It is
NOT because it’s a solely a season change. So, how do we
prevent cold/flu? Here are some helpful tips to keep your

immune system STRONG!


1. Notice how I capitalized the “I” in the title Cold/Flu
Prevent-I-on? That means YOU have to take ownership
for your ability to prevent yourself from getting sick.

One of the things that I see often in our culture is the
lack of accountability and ownership for bad habits. For
instance, isn’t it funny how someone knows exactly how
he or she lost the ten pounds? They restricted calories,
they workout more, they achieved better sleep etc. Yet
when sickness occurs, all of a sudden it’s blame game
central! What I see often is the pointing of the finger to
the external forces. I’m sure you’ve heard them: “Oh my
co-worker was sick and that’s how I got it.” OR “I’m
around my kids a lot and they carry germs” OR “I knew
these rainy days would get me sick!” You hear that?!!
NO ownership. I am not judging here, I am awakening
you to the ACTUAL cause of sickness: A compromised
immune system and the subconscious or conscious
lack of personal responsibility for wellness or lack
there of.
You need to ask yourself: Why is my immune
system weak? What steps can I take to prevent myself

from missing work, rescheduling my workouts or having
limited energy for my family? IF you have a strong
immune system, you can be around the cold/flu ALL day
long and you won’t get sick. That’s the TRUTH.

2. Now that you have made the decision to take ownership
of your health and free yourself from the blame-game,
it’s time to set up some methods to increase your
chances of staying healthy through ALL the seasons. One
of the BEST and most helpful tools to prevent/cold flu is
to excessively limit or cut out mucus causing foods. If
that presents itself a challenge, focus on reducing
inflammatory causing foods.
You could go about this
one of two ways: Add in more alkaline foods that will
naturally reduce inflammatory foods or pick one, two or
three inflammation foods and cut-that-crap-OUT of your



3. I talked about this next one on my IG feed: Spice-up-YO-
Not only should you be mindful to increase your
water intake during a season change, BUT you want to
add in ingredients to your water that will fight cold and
flu. One yummy, nourishing food that I am talking about
is pineapple. Pineapple is a natural immune booster, it
is filled with antioxidants and it is five times more
powerful than cough medicine. Personally, I would
NEVER take cough medicine. Remember, when you take
cough medicine, you are suppressing the symptom, not
fixing the cause. GET to the ROOT of your sickness and

you will find TRUE health.


4. We absolutely need sunlight. Sun = life! Sun builds the
immune system, it improves circulation and it provides
our bodies with that much needed Vitamin D. Once
again, when I hear, “I knew I was going to get sick
because of all these rainy day.” It’s NOT the rain that

causing sickness, it’s the lack of sun. So, what are you
doing about it? There are many things you can do to get
the benefits from the sun without the sun, but one of the
easiest things to do is take a Vitamin D supplement.
Remember, read your labels and do your research on the

capsule coating. This is IMPORTANT.
Also, SIDE NOTE: In the summertime, do NOT wear
sunscreen. AH!!! It’s so bad. Sunscreen is a chemical-
filled paste that seeps into your blood stream and
wreaks havoc on your endocrine system. “But Courtney,
what if I am out on the water in direct sunlight all day
long?” I’m a step ahead of you my friend!
One of my favorite bible verses reads, “Everything is
permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” (1
Corinthians 10:23) Translation: Enjoying something that
is healthy in a small amount is good for the body. Having
something that is healthy in a large amount (or with NO
boundaries) is unhealthy. For instance, it’s fabulous for
your body to be in the sun for a short period of time.
However, it is harmful to the body to be in the sun for an
extended period of time. Then you burn! Go in the shade
after a while if you’re out on the water and avoid the
sunscreen. It’s that simple. Another example of the
statement “everything is permissible, but not everything is
beneficial” would be eating one apple. One apple is
nourishing and it provides energy for movement.
However, if you have ten apples in one sitting, you will
get sick. Do you see where I am going here?!


In closing, I hope you have found these prevention techniques
helpful. Sickness, flu, disease etc. is controversial and there is
much more to it than meets the eye. However, I do know a
thing or two from being in the health and wellness industry for
over a decade. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve learned a lot and my passion

is to share with those who are brave enough to make a change.
My mission has always been to inspire movement toward
health. Soul first, followed by the renewal of the mind, and then

transformed through the strength of the body.
Thanks for reading and God Bless!


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