It Just Takes One...

Meet Amber

Amber was my client first before she became my dear friend and long-term business associate. Amber was with me since Day ONE of Trenti Training. As I packed up my office and said farewell to the Corporate Fitness world, I had one last session with sweet client Amber. After we closed out one final sweat session, I shrugged my shoulders at her and sighed, “I have no idea how I’m going to do this business. I’m kinda freaking out! All I know is that I need to jump and build my wings on the way down.” Amber paused for a moment than cheerfully exclaimed, “I’ll help!”

“Really?” I confusingly grinned. “Yes!” She passionately stated. “You’ve done so much for me, and I want to return the favor.” I paused even longer than replied, “Wow. Well, ok…that’s super cool! I guess let’s start by finding some new clients!” I adore this picture below because it was taken from our first late night 'hustle' session of building a business from the ground up.

Since that cold winter night back in 2013, Amber has volunteered much of her time, energy and finances into Trenti Training. I always come back to the same questions with her: “Why?” “Why would sacrifice so much for so little?”

Amber would always repeat with the same big smile and spark in her eye, “Because…I believe in you.” These four simple, yet profound words have been the daily fuel to my fire: I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Even though my full-time job is to motivate and drive others to change, I need someone in my corner as well. I need someone to encourage me, to remind me “I’ve got this”, to challenge me, to speak truth in love, to not give up on me, to show up when it’s hard, to laugh when all hope seems lost, to give me a BIG Richter hug when I’ve had a breakdown and most importantly: to love me at my worst. That’s when it’s easy to leave, but Amber never did. She’s been there the whole time. Trust me; we had some pretty ugly moments...

Five years later, this ‘training’ mustard seed has blossomed into something extraordinary. Trenti Training would never have been possible without Amber by my side. You see; I literally wouldn’t be able to train anyone without Amber’s assistance. - And neither would the other trainers - Amber has spent countless hours behind-the-scenes filming and editing fitness videos, handing out flyers, stuffing mailers, printing contracts, cleaning the Pilates room and filling in the gaps for training when I lost clients. Who does that?! Not to mention, she is always lovingly and freely giving away her specialty backrubs. What a blessing!

Amber is a Godsend, a miracle and a crucial part of what makes this business extra special. It’s filled with sacrificial love that only comes from the Father of Lights. I’ve never witnessed anything like it in my life and my mission is to spread this same sacrificial love I’ve so freely and gracefully received from Amber.

Friends, family and my dear clients, always remember: It just takes ONE person: JUST ONE person to support your mission, your goals and your passions to ingnite a flame of growth and change. If just one person truly has your back: You Will Be Unstoppable! -- And just imagine if you had more than one?? --

Thank you sweet Amber for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

<3 Courtney