John Trenti

Trenti Training was founded in September of 2013 with integrity, professionalism and moral value. These career standards came from none other than my grandfather, the zealous entrepreneur John Trenti, who founded the Trenti Law Firm in Virginia, MN in 1960. His consistent dedication, excellence, and earnest character throughout 50 years of practicing community law determined the name of my personal business.


John is a scholar, WWII veteran, lawyer, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, talented Italian vocalist, home-improvement expert, skilled popcorn maker, tactful hunter and fisherman, avid book reader, crossword puzzle enthusiast, University of Minnesota sports fan, humorous storyteller and most important a man of deep faith.


John was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and entered into the Kingdom of Glory in November of 2014. My business is forever dedicated to this ambitious gentleman I’m blessed to call my mentor and grandfather. I would have never taken this leap of faith to start Trenti Training without the nudge from you, grandpa! You’re my hero and I thank God for you every day.



Courtney Trenti-Haseltine