Living Tree Wellness

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Living Tree Wellness LLC 

Lauren Donohue,

Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist 


Living Tree Wellness’s mission is to hold and provide safe, relaxing, and healing space for any person seeking professional therapeutic services. We believe that it is a privilege and honor to be part of your healthcare team and walk beside you to provide education, encouragement, and accountability on your wellness journey.

Our goal is to cultivate a spirit of community, rest, and good intention. Living Tree Wellness intends to invest in the community through educational ministry events, community service projects, and through loving and accepting where each person is on their wellness journey.


Living Tree Wellness and its representatives strive to uphold core values of service, integrity, altruism, humanism, and professionalism.


Therapeutic Massage: 

Customized, blissful relaxation or deep tissue massage session in which a variety of massage techniques are applied to the requested anatomical areas. Trigger point therapy, reflexology, rehabilitative style, myofascial release techniques, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and Swedish-style relaxation techniques are often blended. Hot towels included. Aromatherapy upon request.


Pricing listed below 

  • 30-Minute Massage 30 minutes $45 + tax 

  • 45-Minute Massage 45 minutes $60 + tax 

  • 60-Minute Massage 1 hour $75 + tax 

  • 90-Minute Massage 1 hour 30 minutes $100 + tax 

  • 120-Minute Massage 2 hours 30 minutes $150 + tax 


Ultimate Relaxation Hot Stone Massage 

Hot stone therapeutic massage; 90 minutes of muscle soothing relaxation with hot stones, hot packs, and hot towels. Aromatherapy as requested. 

  • 1 hour 30 minutes $100 




Reflexology is the application of pressure through specific techniques with the thumbs and fingers to the feet and hands. The goal is to bring the body into balance thus promoting well- being. This technique is traditionally performed without the application of lotion, creams, or oils to the feet or hands. It can be added to any massage at no extra charge or scheduled for a 45- minute session. Longer sessions available upon request. 

  • 45 minutes $55 

Thai Yoga Bodywork 

Bodywork combined with yoga poses and techniques. Sessions are performed on yoga mats and are more active and interactive as compared to relaxation styles of massage therapy. You remain fully clothed and the therapist will not use any oils or lotions during the session. Passive stretching and gentle compression is applied to the body with the intention to release the tension in the skeletal structure, soften muscle and connective tissue, and increase flexibility. Breathing techniques are included to aid in relaxation and in body mechanics. 

  • 30 minutes $40