Group Fitness Classes




Thank you all who attended our Donuts and Deadlifts Event. 

Stay tuned for our next event in January 2020

Work Place workout

Workout At Work 


Are you looking for a group fitness class that is held right at your work place? Look no further! 

Our trainers can come and host a class before or after your work day starts. All you need to do

is gather a large or small group of employees, pick an open space in your office, decide on a time 

and day and let the sweat session begin! We offer:


Weight Loss Training Class 

Strength Training Class

Bootcamp Class

Cardio Class 





Price is dependent on how many people your group has. Schedule a complimentary fitness consult

with YOUR group today with Paul, Jesse or Courtney! 

If you are interested please contact us.

Saturday strength

The class includes one-hour of dynamic warm-up, full- body strength training, cardio, core and static cool down. This class is adaptable! You can go at your own pace with each workout, modify as needed and get out of it what you decide to put into it. You're guaranteed to break a good sweat.

All fitness levels welcome.  


Instructors: Jesse and Paul

$12.50 a class with registration

$15.00 for drop-in's



Held every Saturday at 10 am

Classes start July 7th

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