Who we are

Trenti Training is an in-home and semi-private gym personal training lifestyle company offered in the Northeast Metro. 


The location of the studio-style gym is in Arden Hills on the Corner of CR E and Lexington: Building Name: E Street Flats 1195 West County Rd E, Arden Hills, MN 55112.


Training packages include 60-minute customized personal training session, 12-week assessment tracking, body composition analysis, before and after shots, trainer weekly “check in’s”, routine write-ups and nutrition guidance.


What We Do

Achieving total body wellness is way more than throwing around iron and sticking to a nutrition plan. True change starts at the core of who YOU are as a person.


Our job is to get to know you! 

It’s a process for our trainers to learn what motivates you, what drives you, what style of training works well for you and most importantly: What will it take to have a lifestyle breakthrough that will last a lifetime? 


Not only that, I’m sure you want to get to know us!


It’s important to connect and vibe with your trainer before making a decision to invest in your health. This is why each of our trainers offers a complimentary fitness consultation at a local coffee house. During this hour, we will goal set, get to know each other, and go over any questions, comments, and concerns you may have before dedicating a weekly time slot for training and nutrition.


Why we are different

We sacrifice for our clients. This is what truly sets our company apart from any other training business. We go above and beyond to make sure each of our trainees has the proper education, direction, encouragement, support, training tools, self-confidence and the divine light to take the road less traveled to become uniquely healthy. (soul, mind and body)


Overall, we are not your average trainers. You’re not just hiring someone to show you the ropes of the gym and set a "program" in place. Oh no! You are appointing one of us to be ferocious for your best interest. We will go to bat for you. We will be in your corner. We will speak the truth in love (even if that means we have to have a tough conversation) and we will ALWAYS fight the good fight for YOUR health.


Soli Deo Gloria


Meet with Jesse, Paul, Lauren or Courtney and we will show you what we mean!