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At my heaviest I was 320 lbs. I was always uncomfortable and had a hard time breathing. I tried doing P90X, but struggled for about three months. I had difficulty staying motivated. Hiring Courtney was the best thing I’ve ever done when it comes to my health. It really helped having someone keep me motivated with my goals. Not only did Courtney motivate my workouts, she inspired my relationship with God. I have learned to lean on God for my strength in working toward my toughest goals. I truly believe that I cannot achieve my goals with my own strength. For the first time, since childhood, I am running intervals! My next goal is to run a 5k before my 30th birthday. I can honestly say I feel better about turning 30 than I did about 20! I am 100 lbs. down and still going!
Philippians 3:14 “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
— Amber R.
I truly believe I was given another chance at happiness, health and well-being two and a half years ago when I met Courtney. I was close to 240 lbs at my heaviest during college. I was living an unhappy and unhealthy lifestyle that was affecting my friends, my family, my job and my soul. With Courtney’s help, I have regained my life! She taught me how to eat healthy (not just diet); how to train my body with awesome combinations of cardio and strength training; and how to re-energize my soul! She believes in each one of her clients! She does whatever she can to help motivate them to succeed! I am confident in her abilities to take the knowledge and experience she has and help people reach their fitness goals! I lost 75 lbs in a year working out with Courtney. It was a life transformation. I am so thankful I had her guiding me through that journey.
— Laura D.
I started working with Courtney when a co-worker referred me to her because she was getting such spectacular results. Courtney is professional, ethical, and talented. I have done weight lifting on my own before, but Courtney educated me on new exercises that increased my motivation and confidence by focusing on balance, core and upper body. She helped me lose weight, lower my BMI and feel better even though I was dealing with multiple injuries. Her interpersonal skills make her easy to communicate with and she is full of positivity.
— Alyssa B.

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When I first came out of the Marine Corps I was looking for something to do with my life. I went to a gym looking for a job and that’s when I found Courtney. She agreed to let me work for her through the summer watching and learning what it took to be a trainer. While shadowing her, I learned more about fitness and nutrition than I ever did in the Marine corps. After working with Courtney I used the knowledge she taught me to not only improve my own body and lifestyle, but to motivate myself to become a personal trainer. I still to this day learn new exercises and routines from Courtney whenever we workout together. She helped shape my career and helped me instruct my own clients the proper form, exercise and nutrition for their individual goals.
— Paul H.
I’ve been a client of Courtney Trenti’s for years now and she is absolutely amazing! Her time with me is always upbeat, uplifting, and tons of fun. She can be tough when she needs to and never stops pushing me to the next level. Weekly challenges, weigh ins, progress and stat tracking, and a few hardcore workouts really push me in all the right ways. Courtney is the most amazing personal trainer that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!
— Jeanette P.
Courtney is definitely a good trainer. She truly cares about people and wants to help them... She works with all types of clients...She also gives nutrition advice and assistance to go along with it. I would recommend Courtney to anyone!
— Dan M.

When we hired Courtney, we receive a lesson in diligence, patience, and RESULTS! Who knew the time we spent training would lead to such incredible outcomes! What once was ‘I can’t’ became a ‘Oh my gosh, I can!’

She had us overcome our doubts, aches and pains and negativity and turn them into a positive and healthy way of life.
— Lyle & Michelle J.
I’ve always been active and into fitness, but never had an actual trainer. These sessions push me harder than I did by myself and have helped improve the effectiveness of my own workouts. The strength training that I’ve done has benefited me a lot playing hockey, improving my skating and stamina.

I have also noticed an increase in productivity at work. Courtney has helped me with nutrition as well, which I was lacking the most. It’s made a huge difference after understanding the benefits of eating healthy.

Overall, I greatly enjoy the training and believe it’s well worth the cost. Courtney is professional, friendly, and I would recommend her to anyone.
— Sean T.
I could not have asked for a better trainer, therapist and friend. Goal weight and happiness were achieved! 20lbs lost & 5% body fat drop!
— Theresa B.
I have so much fun training with Courtney. Training is always her top priority... She keeps me coming back weekly because I feel a difference in my body when I train with her. Her ability to get to know my personal needs and goals connects us on a personal level. There is nothing more important than having fun with someone who wants to watch and help you succeed with fitness goals.
— Jordan Q.

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