Where do you get your motivation?

Winner receives $25 Applebee’s gift card!! Let the competition begin!

My father shared the video Maroon Five “Sugar" with me last week. He was certain it would make my day. Well, he was RIGHT ON!! I couldn’t stop smiling. I was moved. I was inspired, but most importantly I was MOTIVATED!! Why: Because it shows the band blessing others! Serving people is one of the greatest joys the world has to bring. My personal goal for 2015 is to bless someone every month in a big or small way. Many of you have nutrition goals or weight training goals or want a complete lifestyle change. YES!! I’m here for you and that’s why I chose this career. I want to HELP YOU!! Or some of you are like me and you want to go a different route for your new years resolution. Whatever your goal may be, make sure you have a well thought out plan of action.

For this challenge, it is straightforward and simple. I want YOU to send me one of the most motivating videos you have ever seen. Whether it’s a workout video, a nutrition video, a music video, an ad, a motivational speech, a sermon…you name it!! I want to see where you get your motivation.

You have ONE MONTH to send me your videos. I will pick the most unique and motivational video on March 9th and announce the winner Monday morning. 

The best video receives a $25 Applebee’s gift card. Talk about an easy challenge! 

Let’s see what ya got!!!