Nutrition Challenge December 1st-Jan 1st

Alright friends! Here it is. GOOD LUCK!

1) Journal Mon-Friday (five days a week) from December 1st-January 1st.

A) Must be five meals a day to keep your metabolism up! Here is an example of a daily meal plan:

  1. Breakfast: Carb: Oatmeal with almond milk and fresh berries with all-natural peanut butter mixed in sprinkled with flax and cinnamon
  2. Snack: Organic apple with organic carrot juice
  3. Lunch: Veggie salad with olive oil and vinaigrette dressing and a cup of organic soup
  4. Snack: All-natural granola bar (home-made is the best way to go!) and a hard-boiled egg
  5. Dinner: Protein: Tilapia topped with avocado and pico de gayo, side salad and quinoa veggie side dish

2) Add in’s to your diet:

A) Fresh juice 2-3 times a week for a snack (mid-morning or early afternoon)

B) Soup or smoothie for dinner 2-3 times a week

C) One apple 3-4 days a week

D) Lemon and cucumber added to water 3 days a week for an easy detox

F) As many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible!

3) Restrictions: (You cannot have any of these in the next month)

A) No beef or pork (Bye-bye moo and oink!)

B) No white flour or white bread (You can easily switch to ground home-made oatmeal flour or brown rice flour or coconut flour or wheat flour…the list goes on) 

C) No white rice (Switch to brown)

D) No white sugar (Switch to honey or pure maple syrup)

F) No milk (only almond or coconut milk)

G) No pop

H) No white salt (Celtic sea salt will do!)

I) Coffee only two cups a week max (This diet totally restricts caffeine, but I’m allowing a little leeway) Remember… no cream aka milk in coffee too! 

4) One cheat day (On Sat or Sunday) You still have to stick to the list of add-in and restrictions. The goal is to eat healthy five-six days a week and one day you treat yourself.

5) The WINNER will be determined by:

A) How well they completed the food journal (31 days total of journaling) 

B) How healthy the food journal is

C) If you completed all your add-ins and restrictions

D) Any results you may have got from this challenge or things you have learned 

E) Bonus if you go buy the book! 

F) All food journals must be in by January 1st. Winner will be announced on the 5th

Final Note: 

If you have any food allergies or are on any medications that will affect this new lifestyle change, please consult a doctor and/or nutritionist before starting this challenge. 

The ONLY day I would be ok with a slip up (with missing the restrictions) is of course Christmas. Sometimes, you can’t help what others bring to a holiday party. BUT! I challenge you to be the person who brings the healthy dish. Time for a change friends!!