Tina's Story

When Paul first met Tina, she barely squat the bar. She couldn't do one proper push up and she had a hard time running. Fast forward to the future Tina: According to her last assessment, Tina can squat 100 pounds, perform 30 perfect push ups and she always warms up with a run before every single weight training session like it's no big thaaaang. Not to mention she has signed up for countless five K's over the last few years. Oh...and let's not forget: Tina has lost 40 pounds since she started training with Paul!!! BOOM.


Now, some of you reading this may be thinking: Wow, three years is a long time to get results. 

I completely disagree. 

My husband and I are lifestyle trainers. Meaning: We take it slow. A lot goes into a proper lifestyle change. We focus on form, technique and breathing for the first couple months. Then, we build up tendon and ligament strength to prevent injury. That takes time. We do this because, if you do too much too fast (like we see so many people do) you're out of the race before you even get started. We also spends LOTS of time correcting nutrition. It takes time to make and break habits, let alone rebooting the metabolism. Once we see the stars aline with form, nutrition, breathing, technique, discipline, healthy habits and positive self talk...then we train. Then we go hard. Then we push. Then we transform. Some of our clients never make it there, but the ones who do: Are FREAKIN ROCK STARS! And Tina, you are definitely a rock star!!!

Tina: I didn't get to know you as well and my husband did, but man...I'm going to miss you girl! I am going to miss seeing you two pick on each other. I am going to miss pranking you (even though that's always Paul's idea) I am going to miss you trying to scare me...and failing. (Even though that's Paul's idea too) I am going to miss your laugh, your positive energy, your willingness to try all these crazy moves Paul introduces to you and most importantly: I am going to miss you saying, "Can I have a mini break please?" It makes me laugh every time. 

Tina loves her water breaks a little too much.  Paul even told me that her favorite exercises are the ones where she can lie down. LOL!

Tina is flying off into the sunset to start a new chapter in her life as a married Cali-girl. I hope every time you wear your awesome new shoes, and see the etching "mini break" you think of us. We have been so blessed by you and we want nothing but happiness, love and blessings for you and your future hubby! Congrats darling. Paul is beyond proud of you and so am I! 


<3 Paul and Courtney