This was a good Wellness Question...

Good morning training peeps!

This question is one I get often. Not only that, everyone is SO different when it comes to this topic. Some people do this every day, others never do this and some people just don't care. 

I am five-day'er a week kinda girl. Why five? Well, like I've always told my clients, when it comes to my personal wellness: Monday-Friday is business. It's business with my workouts, it's business with my nutrition and also business with my personal business. It's grind time! 

When Monday hits and I weigh myself, the number it typically up a bit due to a previous cheat day and/or a higher sodium meal. Does that make me worried? NO. However, it gears up my MINDSET for Monday to kick it off with strict nutrition, a hard-core workout and lots of water to knock that number back down.

I'm the type of person that if I didn't look at the scale, I may not work as hard or be as cautious of what I am putting in my body to make sure I am maintaining my weight. That's my philosophy and I'm stickin' to it! Everyone is different; do what works for you. HOWEVER, if you're trying to set goals such as weight loss, body fat drop, or building lean muscle, you MUST stay in-tune with your body and honor what it needs to meet those goals.

Goals ALWAYS require sacrafice. Thanks for reading. 

God Bless!

- Courtney