The Wellness Sermons are BACK!

Thank you to those of you who love these messages and have encouraged me to share them again. I'll do my best to keep streaming these when I can.

If you desire to find a sanctified space where you meet with the Lord and dedicate your movement to your Maker, I'd <3 for you to join a FABulous group of women every Friday at 10am @Estreetflats for Prayer Pilates. This is a mix between beginner and intermediate movement and involves a opening wellness devotion, full-body strength, mobility and flexibilty and closed with prayer and refreshing detox water. 

There is SO much love in this room it's not even funny!! God meets us here and his presence fills the room. I can't think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with a renewed energy and spirit! First class is one me so RSVP to 651-724-2208 if you want to stop on it for a class. 

GOD BLESS, Courtney