The Cure of Carrots

    Each of our bodies is comprised of 100 trillion LIVING cells. Everything in our body is living and growing such as hair, skin, muscles, immune system etc. According to Malkmus, “The living cells in our body are constantly dying and replacing themselves at a rate of 300 million cell every minute for our entire life. In other words, the body is totally dependent on the quality and building material of the new cells.” (Pg. 62) What is one of the best ways to get dependable LIVING, new cells into our bodies? Raw food. I mean, Duh! Common sense is just not so common now days! Raw food is living. It has life. It has cells. It can HEAL. Period. 

    Take carrots for example. They have incredible regeneration power. I decided to put some of these truths I have read in this book to test, and have been carrot juicing three times a week for six months, along with adding a carrot or two to a smoothie once a week. I recently had my latest eye checkup. My left eye prescription slightly improved. For the first time in 17 years, my eyesight did not get worse; it got better!! UH. THANK YOU GOD. CAN I GET AN AMEN! Malkamus quotes, “Between the ages of 42 to 65, I have had my eyeglass prescription reduced at least three times, and today, as I write this, I am in my 70’s, and I have not had need for eyeglasses since I was 65. Hallelujah.” (Pg. 65)

    So, how have I applied this information to my daily nutrition so I can meet my own realistic and achievable wellness goals? I created the 80/20 rule. 80% of my diet is vegan. 20% I allow for meat and some treats. However, I do not eat beef or pork. Once I read how long it took for beef and pork to travel through the digestive system, I quickly bowed out. Some of the pork and/or beef doesn’t even make it all the way through the intestines and gets stuck. AHEM…hence many forms of cancer. Uh! Oh gosh my friends. God has so much more to teach you. Stay tuned!