The BEST part of the AZ Adventure (Well, at least for me)

Paul and I had the pleasure of taking a class hosted by David Jack, a recognized sports performance and conditioning coach with multiple publications through Men’s and Women’s Health. David Jack and his team launched a fitness business called Active8 and Active Prayer. When Paul and I walked into his class, we had NO idea it was a faith-based training facility. We only wanted to participate in the class because it sounded cool. Once we heard David’s story and various testimonies from his team, we were blown away by the energy and drive they had to spread the Word of God through fitness. If you are unaware of my personal background, I have the same mission with the T.T. biz! 

Coincidence? I think not! 

David told me two things that REALLY stuck with me:

       The Active8 name was chosen because David and his team believe we all have the power to activate one another. Activating others means to bring out the best in them. As followers of Christ, it is our sole mission to activate the light in other people that come into our life. We are all born with a light. Goodness (which is from God) is at the core of our being. Unfortunately, so is sin. Because of the fall of human kind -when sin entered the world- the devil is on a mission to deceive everyone on this earth through unbelief or a misconstrued idea of God. Christians are the chosen ones to fight this invisible war. We have a divine mission to spread the Gospel. This simply means: present the TRUTH of who God really is. Christians are meant to challenge others and explain what Jesus has done on the cross. Hopefully, it will make people question their existence and continue to seek God on their own. Fitness is an incredible vessel to bring people closer to their Maker. If we can pray for a client, dig deep into their emotional well, and get to the root of their hurt, insecurity or desire to change their lifestyle, they will come alive. They will be a wellspring. They will flourish. They will be ACTIVATED. The point is: We are all broken. We all need to band together to fight this battle.

       Our bodies are shaped by the way we train. If we train with iron, our muscles will become strong and tough like iron.  If we train with resistance bands, our bodies will become flexible and limber like a band. If we train in the water, we will be fluid and formable like water. Train all ways. I love this! 

Taking this class was a definite “Ah-Ha” moment for Paul and myself. I was smiling from ear to ear, shaking my head, thinking to myself, “God, you’re so amazing for setting up this divine meeting.” I was blessed to receive Mr. Jack’s contact information. Paul and I have been invited to a leadership conference this upcoming November back in Phoenix. I am humbled. I’m honored and I’m in total awe of how God works. BEST PART OF THE VACATION!