Strength, Stretch and Cardio Flow

Part of the beauty of my job is the constantly changing, ever growing, inventive, creative, trial and error process of coming up with new exercises. I'm playing around with the idea of combing cardio and yoga. So far...I freaking love it! It's my new favorite way  to train for an active recovery session aka: my non-lifting days. Check out this short clip of one of my latest strength stretch and cardio flow exercises.

PS For all you yogi critics out there, I'm working on my chair twist! I've noticed my feet are too far a part and I'm working on keeping my knees in line. Much harder than it looks! Lis's yoga class on Wednesdays at 5:30pm at E-Streets is helping me with corrrecting form. (Like that little plug there) ;) 

Love you guys! Thanks for watching. God Bless!