Shoulder Rehabilitation

Meet Adam! He is the new manager and personal trainer at Anytime Fitness Arden Hills. One of Adam’s specialties is rehabilitation. In this clip, Adam will be teaching me about one of his favorite shoulder rehab exercises. Check it out! 

It’s important to note:

-       Pick a bar light to moderate in weight (Especially if you’re in the beginning stage of recovery) This 45 lb. bar I am holding is pretty heavy if you are keeping the bar at a 45-degree angle away from the body. (Which is what you want!)

-       Watch your posture. I am keeping one hand behind my back to ensure my core is tight and my spine is in a neutral position.

-       You can’t fully tell, but I am in a modified split squat and/or kneeling runners lunge with my back knee placed on the ground.

-       Make sure your back/balance foot is in line with your knee.

-       Exhale with each press. It’s not about speed; it’s about control and range of motion. 

-       Attempting a rehab exercise like a landmine should be done with the instruction of a professional, like Adam!


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