Same Struggle, Different Sin.

Have you ever wanted someone to change SO bad that you have done everything you can? You’ve prayed, you’ve mourned, you’ve confronted, you journal, you’ve sought outside help, but no matter what you do; you just can’t seem to help them!

First, let me lovingly remind you: You cannot save. Only God can. Remove that burden from yourself and go to the Maker of the Universe who can heal, change, strengthen and present miracles.

Second, free will is a part of God’s love for us. This person may choose a destructive path that you can’t control, or even worse…they may be addicted to something toxic. Don’t ever give up on prayer for them! You may be one of the few people left that is fighting the invisible on their behalf.

Finally, it’s important to remember this person is a sinner. Guess what, you are too! God judges us all according to our specific sin. (Sin = something that separates us from Him) So, it’s in your best interest not to judge them. Trust me, you will make it worse and not to mention: We all have issues.


So, what do you do? Listen in on what God has to say about the key to making someone change his or her lifestyle. 

And if this doesn’t work…Well…sometimes you have to leave people to their own vices (as hard as that can be to watch) Free will is a part of God’s love for us and many people make continuous choices that separate them even more from their Maker. Or, maybe this person is snared by their sin. They want to change, but they can’t! Don’t give up on them! Fight the fight for their hope and faith. They are in your life for a reason!!! We are guaranteed hardships in this world, but take heart my dear friend: Christ overcame the world. We serve a God who can do far more than we could ever dream or expect. We just have to believe!


God Bless,