Pull Ups Machine (Back and Biceps)

Next to a good old-fashioned push up, the PULL UP is the BEST arm exercise. (In my opinion of course) Why? 

Because you are pulling half your body weight with just the force of your arms. Your upper body HAS to perform, or you will fall. Therefore, your muscles are working to the MAX and coming to a point of failure. Now, there’s two ways to do a pull up:

  1. Wide grip with palms down. This will work upper back.
  2. Close grip with palms facing you. This will work biceps.

Ladies, use a lever system to brace half of your weight. It’s important to perfect your form before doing a pull up with no spot. I like to do 3 sets of 10 pull-ups (back and bi’s) twice a month for arm day. I’m still working on getting past two full perfect pull ups with no spot. WISH ME LUCK!