Has someone promised you something and let you down? Or you broke a promise to someone? We have all been there. However, let me speak a little truth to you: When God promises you something, he WILL come through for you. His declaration of assurance is unshakable. If you’re feeling a little discouraged today, listen in on some of the promises God has in store for YOUR life from the book of Psalms

Now don’t forget, there are important things to consider when stepping into God’s promises:

1)    You are a child of God and you are actively seeking a relationship with him.

2)    Because you are a child of God, you realize this life is not about you. It’s about God’s plan. Therefore, God may tell you “No” to certain prayers and/or requests you put before his alter.

3)    Because there is a God, there is an enemy. The devil’s plan is to deceive you and PULL you AWAY from the promises of God. Be alert.

4)    The promises of God will come, BUT it will be in his way in his time. It will also be WAY better than you had imagined. <3