Prayer Pilates Sermon

In honor of the TWO YEAR mark of Prayer Pilates, I decided to post the lastest sermon from our last Friday class. This class is set apart from any other typical fitness group, because we gather here to do WORK for the Gospel. We address the soul first by opening with a word, then we calm and renew our mind through awareness, breathing, deep stretch and myofascial release and THEN, we work the body through a beginner/intermediate strength routine that combines core, ROM, flexibility, mobility, kinetic stretch and closing prayer. We BELIEVE we have to keep ourselves well in order to accomplish the divine purpose God has for us in the life. This is why we train. This is why we sweat. This is why we DO hard WORK. It's all for the Glory of God. Thank you to all my Prayer Pilates regulars. You are ALL a light in my life. It's be an honor coaching you. 

Thanks for Listening and God Bless! 


P.S. Class every Friday at 10am at E-Street Flats