Practice makes Semi-Perfect… ;)

After a year of consistent Pilates Class and yoga, I have noticed a heck of a difference in my flexibility. Not only that, my posture is better, my breathing is in-tune with every move, I am learning to be still in the moment and most importantly: I am much more in touch with the fluidity and motion of my body. It’s AMAZING what consistency can do! Taking video of your form is SO important to correct error and take notice of improvement.

We are by far our own worst critics; aren’t we?!

I can see where my hip placement and hamstring mobility still needs some work. However, my spine is SO much more adaptable to tough transitions and isometric holds. Yay! Protection and proper functioning of the CNS allows optimal performance through the spinal cord to multiple cells, organs and tissues. Poor spinal health will reduce the capacity to live an active, normal life. This is why, we teach what we do!

Come check it out for yourself!

YOGA every Wednesday evening at 5:30pm with Lis and PRAYER PILATES every Friday morning at 10:00am with yours truly! First class is on the house. Bring a friend, sweat it out, mediate on your blessings and refresh your soul. We want to meet YOU!