ONE MORE MOTIVATOR…. (Saved the best for last)

I thought I would throw in an EXTRA SPECIAL motivator named MR. HASELTINE. It’s most appropriate to brag about this amazing man since I will be getting married to him this week!! I met Paul two and a half years ago at the gym. Paul and I have MANY similarities when it comes to working out and eating healthy, which is a huge blessing. Out of everything Paul taught me, there is one specific thing that completely changed my workouts: Proper running form. Paul taught me the proper technique of how to move my arms, where I should place my hands when I run, how to propel forward, foot placement, good running shoes and correct breathing.  I cannot even believe how many people do not have correct running form!! Seriously!!! Not to mention I was one of them for many years…. and I’m a trainer…. embarrassing! Paul did A LOT of running in the Marines, so he knows. his . stuff.

Have you heard of Indian Running? If not, talk to me because dang, it’s awesome!  Incorporating Indian running two-three times a week cut my five K time by five minutes. Not to mention I had a handsome coach motivated my run time and pushing me to my limits. Finding a running buddy is one of the best things I have EVER done to improve my cardiovascular health. (It also didn’t hurt I dropped a few lbs.) I also suggest you find a partner who is a better running than you and join them. It’s the only way you will get better. 

I love you my sweet Paul and I am so honored to be your wife in a few days.