Nairobi Kenya Missions Trip

I wanted to take the time to share/brag about some of the people God has brought into my life through Prayer Pilates. Sweet Annie reminded me the other day that according to Scripture my name means Wise Counselor. (Proverbs 15:33) It hit me like a ton of bricks that God called me to this role when I was a little girl. Seriously, ask my parents. I had a small plaque with that very verse hanging on my window seal since the moment I came into this world. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than having the confirmation you are walking in God’s plan for your life. God has called me to encourage, pray, motivate and speak truth to individuals regarding their wellness and I am so grateful for my job. Annie has spoken such amazing words of life in this card and I am posting this because I wanted to share some of her heart.

ANNIE is the one who is brave, bold and servant hearted and you’ll see why:

Annie will be taking a trip to Nairobi Kenya this October to share the best news anyone could ever hear: Jesus loves you and He died to save you. She will be partnering with HIM Prison Ministries and Shug Bury to conduct a Prison Leadership Summit, which “empowers Kenyan prison leaders through dynamic international speakers, workshops and leadership training.” Annie will be walking along side those who are in desperate need to stay on a positive path and resist going back to prison. Annie will also be visiting three other isolated prisons, providing basic supplies for the inmates and finishing the trip by visiting local churches and businesses. My number one request is this: If you are reading this, please take the time to pray for Annie and her team. This is a tough mission field and it takes a special person to willingly and whole-heartedly do this type of evangelism. They need the power of prayer covering their trip, which includes: Safe travels, healthy bodies and open hearts from the prisoners to hear and receive the message of the Gospel. Secondly, if you feel the Lord pulling on your heartstrings, you can mail a check to: 3330 Lake Johanna Blvd Arden Hills, MN 55112 or you can go online to: and click on the donate tab. This is a BIG deal and I am so honored and proud to know and love a courageous soul like Annie who is ferocious for their faith. Thank you so much for inspiring all of us Annie.