Can I get an AMEN!

    The Hallelujah Diet is a wellness book that I happened to stumble upon at a used bookstore last year. Like many other fellow Christians out there, I believe nothing happens by chance. I was destined to read this book. The Hallelujah Diet not only radically changed my wellness habits, but it also inspired me to speak these brilliant yet simplistic truths to other friends and family members who are also seeing dramatic results. According to Malkmus, “This book is based on the biblical foundation of the Gospel and years of research, statistics, powerful testimonies (including my own) and has caused people from all walks of life to reconsider their daily food consumption habits.” 

    I was SO inspired by this book I decided to create a nutrition challenge based on this life-changing information. If you have not read this book, do yourself a HUGE favor and go pick it up! 

    I can’t wait to share more info with you about the miraculous success I have had with this book.

For those of you who are ready to take the challenge, you will need to:

  • Answer a short nutrition-based questionnaire. (Send this in a.s.a.p. once posted on Dec 1st)
  • Send in a food journal five days a week (Mon-Friday) for a month (Dec 1st-Jan. 1st) (Excluding Sat and Sunday)
  • Follow a list of five nutritious foods to add in to your diet.
  • Cut out seven unhealthy foods.
  • E-mail the questionnaire during week one. (So I know who is participating)
  • Email the completed food journal on January 1st with any results and/or things that you learned from the nutrition challenge.


Remember, this is a challenge. No pouting! ☺ You’ll feel like a million bucks if you stick to this.

All details will be posted on Monday December 1st and we will officially GET STARTED!!!