Intermediate Strength Training Circuit

Hey guys!

Aleesha here. Welcome to a short clip of one of my very own strength routines. The first exercise is alternating curtsy squats for 60 seconds, then alt. box lateral step ups for 60 seconds and for core I am in a side plank hip dip for 20 reps R/L. Circuit it 3x through then grab water! 

If you're not sure where to start or how to properly pair muscle groups for strength training, come check out my Beginner Strength Training Class at 6:30pm on Thursday at E-Street Flats. There will be NO class this Thursday (the 8th) but we will resume at our regular time the following Thursday the 15th. First class is on the house!!

Stay warm and God Bless,

*Aleesha Penn * NASM PT Certified * BSci Kinesiology * Women's Health & Nutrition Specialist*