I love me some UPPER BODY! Today’s mini clip: CHEST & BACK

--- The last move is a Courtney Combo Creation ---

Check it out:

Move 1: Box Push Up w/Knee Outs

Muscle Groups Engaged: Pecs, Delts, Core

Move 2: Modified Back Pull Ups

Side Note: I’m actually on my toes on both my front and back leg. My legs are providing a bit of assistance (which you can decide for yourself on how much your legs need to help your arms) while my back does the majority of the pulling. This is one of the many ways I break my clients into doing pull ups.

Extra Side Note: Back pull-ups are much harder than bicep pull ups.

Muscle Groups Engaged: Trapz, lats, Glutes, Quads

Move 3: DB Pull Over w/Chest Press


Muscle Groups Engaged: Lats, Pecs, Core