Are you ready to receive healing? NO, really. Are you ready?! Are you willing to do what it takes? Or, are you ready for someone you love to receive healing? Let me lovingly speak truth to you: It is 100% possible. Yes, it may take time, but if you believe it will happen (with all your heart, mind, soul and faith in God) it will happen. God DESIRES this for YOU. It just may look different from one person to the next. Listen in on the four necessary steps I encourage you to take to begin the process of health, healing and transformation.

P.S. The book “Bondage Breakers” by Neil T. Anderson is the book I mentioned in the sermon if you want to check it out. It will take you through some SERIOUS steps to change and heal.  

P.S.S. Healing is a sensitive and controversial topic. I am all ears if anyone wants to discuss this topic further! (Lovingly, of course)