Dear Friends

Dear friends,

    I was going to start this blog with a set idea in my mind of who and what I was going to write about for the TOP FIVE MOTIVATING PEOPLE in my life.  Well…. as I’m sitting in the nursing home watching my sweet Grandpa John (who I dedicated this business to in the first place) cling to the last moments of his life, my idea of this post has changed. I have decided it’s only appropriate to start this motivational blog by reflecting on Mr. John Trenti.

    As most of you know, John is the cornerstone of the Trenti family. He has set a high bar for how one should love, practice spirituality and live gracefully. John was diagnosed with lung cancer in June of 2013 and is –as Apostle Paul would say- coming close to finishing the race here on this earth. (2 Timothy 4:6) And what a marvelous race it has been. John has traveled all over the country and overseas, served in the navy, started his own firm; deeply loved the same delightful woman for 64 years, had two children (one being my awesome dad) with multiple grandchildren, and has always made time for church. Always. If I could take a snap shot of what “Motivator” would look like, it would be my Grandpa. 

    Two years ago, John motivated me to be an entrepreneur. Today, he is motivating my attitude. I’ve had some interesting revelations spending time with John and Elizabeth, which God intended for me to have:

    Once you understand the unfathomable truth that your days are numbered, it reveals a lot about your character. I’ve concluded that my Grandpa’s character and attitude completely and totally reflects Jesus. For instance, my Grandpa whispered, barely able to complete a sentence, “Please wheel me around so I don’t fall asleep. I want to visit with my Courtney.” Uh, this simple yet heart-breaking sentence is a perfect demonstration of sacrificial love. He needs to be resting, but he wanted to use every last bit of energy to spend some time with his granddaughter. Like my grandpa, Jesus was always concerned about others before his own needs. Even to the point that he wasn’t focused on his own death. My grandpa is making the CHOICE to meditate on the positives in his last moments battling the devastating effects of terminal cancer. Talk about inspiration. Right before I left, grandpa said something to me that I will never forget in my life. He grabbed my hand and spoke directly and eloquently saying, “Courtney Ann: I hope you have a long, healthy, happy, productive, beautiful life and I love you.” As I fought back the tears, his bone-chilling last words pierced through my body like a sharp sword directly to my heart. I realized the only other time I’ve felt this feeling is when God speaks to me through Scripture. (See Hebrews 4:12) This is confirmation that God has completed John’s purpose for his life. Grandpa is like Jesus and that is the final goal and destination for us all. 

    People like my Grandpa John are a rare treasure. They carry a light that shines deep within their soul that only the Holy Spirit can activate. These people love so deeply and honestly it makes you want to be better and try harder and go to your limits to be the best person you can possibly be. These people bring you closer to God, which is the ultimate satisfaction in life. Finding these rare treasures is what makes life worth living. If you are blessed to have a person this special in your life, hold on tight. Time is precious my friends and you never know when God will take them home. 


Ms. Trenti

The woman who hates cancer