Balance BALANCE Balance!

These moves are a weeee bit #advanced BUT they serve SO many wonderful purposes for your overall physical #wellness.


1.Balancing strengthens tendons and ligaments. (Especially around the ankle)

2.Balancing activated the core, whether you realize it or not! Who doesn’t want a strong core? 

3.Balancing prompts the CNS, which is a complex system of nerve tissues that control the intricacies of the brain and spinal cord. Healthy spine = Longevity, Pain Management and Mobility

4.Balancing can make you look cool in front of your friends like, “Hey! Look what I can do. BAM! Learned that one from my trainer!" ;) 


Here are the exercises incase you want to practice these bad boys at home: 

Bosu One Leg Deadlift with a Knee Raise

Bosu Deep Sumo Squats ….holy sore! 

Bosu Leg Abduction with a Knee Raise