Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ya, ya I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true! Arnold is the man! I didn’t really know much about his fitness journey until I started reading Men’s Health. I have clipped out SO MANY of his exercises from different magazines and incorporated them into my routines. They are A-mazing! Well…look at him for goodness sake. Back in the day, he was SO insanely ripped! Obviously, he understands how to train and build muscle. Check out this photo of Mr. Schwarz. It’s one of my all-time favorite Arnold exercises. Doing a simple DB Bent Row is working your trapz and lats. However, when you stand on a skinny bench with a long bar and lift 70-80% of you 1RM, it completely changes the game. NOT SO SIMPLE ANYMORE! This move is an advanced barbell row, and you won’t BELIEVE how sore your upper back will be the next day. Your proprioceptors (sensory receptor that responds to position and movement) are activated causing your body to engage the stability muscles. This balancing act will make your core and back work SO MUCH HARDER to keep your body in the correct position. Overall, this move causes a bigger calorie burn and more tear in multiple muscle groups.  My suggestion, if you are serious about changing your lifestyle, you will need as MANY motivational channels as possible. Sign up for Men’s or Women’s Health. I get them both every week and I learn something new every single time I read it!