Are you Looking for an INTENSE workout?! Here-it-is....

Great song-GREAT workout-GReeeeat day to be alive and get the blood PUMPIN'!

One of my #trainertips is this: I keep workout equipement in my car. I'm always in between clients and I never know when I can get in a workout. Not only that, some days, I don't get a lot of time. So I have to be intentional and effective with my movement if I have a short amount of time. You know what they say- Make time for movement or make time for ilness. I CHOOSE to make time for movement!

There's been so many days I get weird stares if I pull over in a parking lot or a local park. BUT I - DON'T CARE. It's my journey and I am going to OWN it! And that's my prayer for YOU too. Just like Jesse said last week, "Who cares what people think!" We are ALL in this together.