Purple Carrot

The purple carrot actually came before the orange carrot. The orange carrot wasn’t cultivated until the 16th century by the Dutch who crossed various cultivated carrots. While the purple carrot has a lot of the same health benefits as the modern day orange carrot, it also has other extraordinary benefits due to its high concentration of anthocyanins (pigmitation).  Purple carrots can improve memory, enhance vision, help with heart health and can even aid with weight loss (High in fiber). Overall, I’ve been incorporating purple and orange carrots into juicing and salads to improve my eyesight. I recently read a nutrition book where a hand full of people ate carrots 3-4 times a week and there eyesight was improved 100% over a 20-year period. I don’t know if that will happen for me, but I am sure as heck going to give it a try!

You can find purple carrots in certain Naked Juices, or in a variety pack in the produce department at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market.