As most of my clients know, I like to end the session with core exercises. It is a great way to begin the cool down process of the routine. I almost AWLAYS do a plank exercise with my clients at some point during the session. Like the pushup, the plank allows multiple muscle groups to be engaged and provides full body muscle stimulation. Not only that, the plank works the full lay-out of the abdominal wall. (Upper and lower abdominals) And!!... You can do SO so many variations. Like this one:


 I like to throw in one, maybe two yoga moves into weight training sessions. I especially like to pair yoga with core at the end of a session. Yoga has a variety of benefits such as increased flexibility, improves muscle strength, protection against injury, improves cardio circulation, helps maintain a balanced metabolism and finally improves respiration, energy and vitality. The cobra/plank/downward dog is all about flow and control. The more you control the movement of your body, the stronger your will become. It takes practice!

Start in cobra and hold for ten seconds inhaling slowing through your nose and exhaling calming out your mouth. The cobra pose strengths the spine, provides flexibility for the lumbar region and eases tension of the core (especially from abdominal exercise). Right from there is one swift movement, transition into plank and hold for 30 seconds. Place hands right under shoulders, keep butt down, feet together and suck in your core. The worst thing you can do is allow your butt to be in the air. So keep that rump down! Right from there, transition into downward dog and hold for 20 seconds. This will feel A-mazing! The D.W.D stretches the shoulders, glutes, hamstrings and helps with overall circulation. I like to repeat this exercise three to four times during a cool down.