Do not think of the push up as just a chest exercise. It is SO much more! It is a full-body strengthening move that involves constant core stimulation. For instance, your lats, traps and core must stabilize the pushing muscles. The glutes and erector spinae must also be engaged in order to keep your hips in line.  Another great thing about the push up is by re-positioning your hands; you can work different muscle groups in your arms. For example, a wide hand-placement allows you to work chest and upper back. A close-grip hand placement allows you to work triceps and deltoids. Just like the deadlift from the previous day, the push up is an exercise that allows multiple variations to engage other muscle groups. Also, you can of course… keep it creative!

This exercise is called the PLYO PUSHUP:

“Plyometric" is a fancy term that means explosive movement. The plyo pushup involves the movement of clapping your hands together before falling back into push up form. The two main benefits of this type of movement is cardio and reaction time. As a trainer, I’ve seen other people in my field unfortunately overlook reaction time and balance. By incorporating consistent reaction time exercises into weight training, you are not only improving the strength of the tendons and ligaments, you are also sharpening your mind. You can literally grow new brains cells by practicing mindfulness in training. Seriously….how cool is that!? 

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