According to a podcast Get Fit Guy, "The deadlift increases the rate of torch ( aka: leg strength and force production) and develops the vertical jump performance." Even though this sounds pretty athletic, it’s a function exercise anyone can partake in!  

The deadlift is my NUMBER ONE go-to exercise for many reasons. The deadlift helps you get a better butt, trims thighs, sucks in midsection, improves grip strength, helps with posture and is a definite metabolism booster. Any type of exercise that is putting demand on the spine is going to help your CNS. (Central Nervous System) The spine is the highway of communication. The better it's function, the better your life style! 

However, I like to vary common exercises! What?! That’s how I roll!! 

This one is called the: DB BOX BENT LEG DEADLIFT 

The reason the box is such a GREAT add-on to the deadlift is because it stimulates the proprioceptors. This means that the muscle(s) has to adapt to the demand of balance, and sense the change in the angel of the exercise being performed. Therefore, your balance is challenged and your stabilizer muscles have to work harder. All you have to do is allow your toes to hang over the edge of the box. Your hamstrings are going to engage more in order to keep you form falling forward.